Social Media Integration

Whether you like social media or not, it is essential that you become involved, whether you are an individual sole trader doing freelance work, a small business or even a large corporation with thousands of employees. People use social media every day of their lives and after google, is the first place they look for things they need. Facebook and twitter are fairly important for anyone to get involved in, with both being free to create business pages there isn’t any cost worries involved. LinkedIn is great for freelance workers and contractors as it works on a more professional level, rather than entirely social and spread to pretty much everyone like facebook and twitter.

Google + is also a great social media network, which i highly recommend for anyone to get into; once again, this service is free.

Once you have set up your social network profiles/pages it is important to regularly update them with good content, it doesnt need to be updated daily, but keeping a consistent, regular update pattern is a good way to start (once every week or two works well, as it doesnt overload your followers/fans).

Embedding and integrating these social media networks into your website can steadily increase traffic across all platforms, which is great for business, so consider adding even just icons with links to your social pages on your contact and/or about us page and good luck with your social media endeavours!