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Social Media Integration

Whether you like social media or not, it is essential that you become involved, whether you are an individual sole trader doing freelance work, a small business or even a large corporation with thousands of employees. People use social media every day of their lives and after google, is the first place they look for […]

Content Management Systems

Creating websites through dreamweaver or any other page-per-page design program unfortunately is becoming obsolete. This is due to CMS (Content Management Systems) as they allow webpages to be edited and updated online, and instantly; rather than re-editing every page then uploading them back to the server. The current frontrunners for CMS programs are WordPress and […]

Image Quality

A major thing i notice a fair bit both in web and print design is the lack of adequate image quality. Image quality is incredibly important as the difference in reaction to seeing a beautiful, clear picture and trying to decipher what those blurs are supposed to be is phenomenal. Some key points to remember: […]

SEO Tips

With SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) becoming increasingly more important with each passing day; designing a website that looks good just isn’t enough. Making sure that your website is both user-friendly (good for people) and Search Engine-friendly is incredibly vital to the success of the website. Without good SEO for a website, the amazing design you’ve […]


Welcome to my portfolio website; information about myself, my past works, qualifications and contact information. Please enjoy your visit as you browse through my site, and contact me if you have any questions or enquiries.

Thai Massage Mascot Review – Banbutsaba Massage

Thai Massage Mascot Review – Banbutsaba Massage I recently designed a website for Banbutsaba massage and felt compelled to test out their services to ensure the content going on the website would be accurate. So far i have tried the deep oil massage, hot stone massage and hot herbal massages. I have been thoroughly impressed with […]